Hi, future.
Welcome, GPT-4.

Made to outperform OpenAI's GPT-3,
GPT-4 powers 60% of my projects and
some multi-million dollar companies.

AI is the future, and
the future is now.

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Currently, submissions are not being reviewed (see update).
Depending on the course of GPT-4, invitations
may go out to more users, or none.

As of June 2022 >

GPT-4 has been used by me (Sourfruit) consistently in many projects.
Unfortunately, preparing it for release beyond my close friends -and some others ;)-  has lead me to realise how much more effort I need to input beyond making a kickass ML model. After over 1,000 applications through Google Forms, e-mail, and similar platforms, I once again slowly understood the sheer amount of interest in GPT-4.

I still plan to release GPT-4, but some revisions to my plan are being made!
  • Expect GPT-4 to still be paid, being 50-75 USD monthly, for hobbyists.

  • While not a promise, I may open-source GPT-4. This will only happen if my plan doesn't come to fruition.

  • Expect GPT-4 to still come out before OpenAI's GPT-4. Do note their 'actual' GPT-4 would certainly be much better than GPT-3, or even my GPT-4.

  • While applications made before June 2022 will be honored in the order they were received, I may eventually implement functionality to allow one to expedite their access. Expect this to be 5-10USD.

  • I will (eventually) add a demos page to This page will mainly focus on GPT-4's NLP abilities, as I have learned advertising mutiple models as one leads to confusion.

I hope these bullet points will give a small update to the hundreds of applicants who can't wait to test GPT-4. I can't wait to relaese it.